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Focus Solutions exists to help its clients succeed and grow. The tangible benefits of strong brands and customer propositions, and satisfied customers are clear. The problem facing Senior Executives is: How can we reveal and build a compelling proposition and Branded Customer Experience that is integrated throughout the business? And how can we implement it in a profitable and sustainable way?

Increasingly, businesses are finding it dicult to di‑erentiate through product features, pricing, and promotional strategies with a “one size fits all” formula. What is often required is a situation specific approach.

Success is rooted in decision-makers’ acquiring a deeper understanding about their unique competitive position; having the right tools to diagnose the need for change; focusing on the key performance drivers; and having the right skills portfolio to implement a new and improved customer proposition.

The secret to making the right strategic decisions is to appraise all options before taking action. The most successful action plans will be those that identify and align the critical few internal businesses processes that create and deliver value. Understanding the business’ current performance will be driven by timely and accurate measurement of not just financial ratios, but a Balanced Scorecard of performance measures.